Charles Llyod – Sangam – June 22, 2006 – Nyc

June 25, 2006

Spiritual, Transcendental, Wonderful.


  • Charles Lloyd, Tenor and Alto Saxophones, Tarogato, Bass and Alto flutes, Piano, and Percussion
  • Zakir Hussain, Tabla, Voice, and Percussion
  • Eric Harland, Drums, Percussion, and Piano

Read more about Sangam at and

If you see Charles playing what looks like a cross between a Clarinet and a Soprano Saxophone it’s the Tarogato. Here’s a page that has more

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David S. Ware (Discography)

June 22, 2006

Since seeing Ware Monday night I’ve loaded up my iPod with all of his recordings that I have. I like to listen in the order they were recorded. Allmusic lists things by release date so I found another site ( that shows everything he’s done.

A list of David S. Ware recordings sorted by recording date and release date.

I shorted the list to recent recording and list them here for convenience. The Allmusic list follows as well.

Listing by Recording Date

88.04.04    Passage to Music
90.01.08    Great Bliss Vol. 1 & 2
91.12.10    Flight of I
92.10.14    Third Ear Recitation
94.05.04    Earthquation
94.12.02    Cryptology
95.09.27    Oblations and Blessings
95.09.29    DAO
96.05.02    Godspelized
96.12.02    Wisdom of Uncertainty
97.10.26    Live in the Netherlands         Splasc(H) Records
97.12.11    Go See the World
98.12.11    Live in the World                  Thirsty Ear
99.10.20    Surrendered
01.02.26    Corridors & Parallels              AUM Fidelity
02.07.13    Freedom Suite                      AUM Fidelity
03.06.13    Threads                               Thirsty Ear

From: The David S. Ware Sessionography at

Listing by Release Date

1988  Passage to Music                Silkheart
1990  Great Bliss, Vol. 1              Silkheart
1991  Flight of I                          Columbia
1992  Third Ear Recitation            DIW
1994  Great Bliss, Vol. 2              Silkheart
1994  Cryptology                        Homestead
1995  Earthquation                     DIW
1996  Dao                                  Homestead
1996  Oblations and Blessings      Silkheart
1997  Wisdom of Uncertainty        Aum Fidelity
1998  Godspelized                       DIW
1998  Go See the World               Columbia
2000  Surrendered                      Columbia
2001  Corridors & Parallels            AUM Fidelity
2001  Live in the Netherlands        Splasc(H)
2002  Freedom Suite                    AUM Fidelity
2003  Threads                             Thirsty Ear
2005  Live in the World                 Thirsty Ear

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Pattern For Laying Out Cvs Trees For Java Projects

June 21, 2006

Once you start working with others on larger Java projects you will require a logical CVS tree to store and share project artifacts among each of the team members.

With this it should go without saying that you need to start designing your applications with a sound package structure.

These two activities can conflict due to the nature of how each project contains Java sources in a directory structure to match the package structure. To make this clear start two Java projects that contain sources for the com.mycompany.database project. If you do this you’ll see that there isn’t a way to prevent collisions in names because each project is using the same package name.


To work around this I came up with a simple scheme.

First, you pick your root directory in your CVS tree. For a large company this might be a few levels down. For smaller you might want to start with $CVSROOT/java.

This root directory will contain all of your Java projects. Also, this directory will match up with com.mycompany. This will be come clearer later.

Next, create a couple projects as examples, say Example1 and Example2. In these projects create a package structure for each that matches the project as a sub-package under com.mycompany.

In other words, Example1 will have a src directory that looks like src/com/mycompany/example1 and Example2 will have a src directory that looks like src/com/mycompany/example2.

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Code In The Constructor (Anti-Pattern)

June 21, 2006

I recently saw a programmer at a client site developing a small test app. For reasons that didn’t become clearer till later, this person has developed their application in such a way that it did all it’s processing in the class constructor.

When I first saw this I was a bit dumbfounded. The class had a main so the it could run from the command-line. the main method for this class looked like the following.

public static void main(String[] args)
       CodeInConstructor c = new CodeInConstructor();

So we have a class who’s Constructor has a side-effect of actually doing the work the class is meant to perform. Strange.

Next, as the person developed the application they started to handle and throw exceptions from the processing part of the class. They had try/catch blocks in both the main and the Constructor. Things where getting messy.

When I asked why they were doing this they stated that they did it all the time. Then I explained how this is typically a good habit to have they defended themselves with “Nobody told me”.

 OK. So to tell others. Here is a good things to get into your head when developing classes.

Use the Constructor to initialize the class and to leave the class in an initialized state. Use methods to perform work thereby requiring that users of your class create the class and they call it’s methods.

For the people who have code in their Constructors. Take the code out and put it in a method which you can call run if you need a suggestion. Then create your object and call the run method.

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David S. Ware At Vision Festival Xi

June 19, 2006

Managed to get to Vision Festival XI ( for the last set of the last night of the festival. If you haven’t seen David S. Ware in person it is definately worth it. I’ve never heard anyone play a saxophone with such power.

 According to the Vision Festival notes it was the Ware Quartet’s final US Performance. I wonder what his planned next. Nothing was mentioned during the show.

David S. Ware has a web site at

Also, check out the AUM Fidelity site. It’s Steven Joerg’s label that has released a number of excellent Ware CDs.

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Sam Rivers At Vision Festival Xi

June 15, 2006

I saw Sam Rivers play last night (Wed, 14th) at Vision Festival XI (

I saw him once before play with this trio at the ICA in Boston a number of years ago. This time the first set was his big-band which I’ve only heard on CDs. In person you really can feel the power of this band.

 Check out Sam’s site ( for his latest CD Aurora which they were selling at the show. It’s the latest from the big-band and is excellent.

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Interesting Diversion

June 14, 2006

I discoved PlaceOpedia ( It connects Wikipedia articles with their locations using Google maps (

Here’s my diversion.

  1. Set the map to be at it most Zoomed in. click the + (Zoom In) control box in the left side of the map.
  2. Click on button “Random place”.
  3. Try to guess where the place is as you Zoom out one level at a time (the – box).

 Some entries will give themselves away with their name but others will challenge your sense of geography.

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Anti Sit

June 6, 2006


Here is a site showing various ways to prevent people from sitting on objects in the city.

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Sending Large Files Through A Browser

June 4, 2006

Recently, I built a browser-based application,

to send large files over the Web.There are a number of these, the most popular being supports sending any file by sending a link to the file rather than the entire file. What happens in the background is that the file is stored temporarily in an Anywhere Account. Your recipient receives a link in a small email message. If they wish to retrieve the file they need only click on the link.

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Cvs Setup

June 4, 2006

Something I need to remember from time to time.

To allow others to use the repository, create a Unix group for CVS users and then chgrp the repositories root directory to that group. Then set the directory's SGID bit, so that files created in the directory have the same group ID as the directory's group ID. Make the group writeable, readable and executable.

chgrp cvsusers /var/lib/cvsroot

chmod -R g+srwx /var/lib/cvsroot

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Beacon Hill, Inc.

June 4, 2006

I provide software development consulting under my company, Beacon Hill, Inc.

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Anywhere Accounts

June 4, 2006

One of my projects is Anywhere Enterprises. Ltd Anywhere has developed an innovative on-line storage system that supports a number of methods to save, retrieve and share information over the Internet.

The central concept of Anywhere is the Anywhere Account. You signup for an Anywhere Account and are given a private storage space to store files. Initial accounts are trial-based for 15 days. After that you may sign up for a permanent account.

With an Anywhere Account you can upload music, videos, documents or any other file access it from any other computer or share those files with Anywhere Links.

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