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Fix For Drscheme Under Windows Hang

June 18, 2007

After installing DrScheme and playing with it for a few minutes I was able to get it to hang with an error similar to the following error. standard-module-name-resolver: collection not found: “texpict” in any of: ()

=== context ===
c:\program files\plt\collects\drscheme\private\

The fix is to go under C:\documents and settings\Your username\Application Data\PLT Sheme and remove the file

If I figure out what I did to produce this file in such a state and post that as well.

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Bash - Display Function Definition

May 2, 2007

A tip.

If you create a function in bash and want to see its definition. Try

declare -f 'your-function'

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After Cygwin Upgrade – Command Not Found

January 31, 2007

After upgrading Cygwin and starting I found that while sourcing my .bashrc file a lot of “: command not found” messages.

It turns out that this is caused by CR/LF endings needing to be CR. Strange, yesterday’s bash didn’t have a problem with this and today the new version does.

The fix is to run d2u on each file to ‘fix’ the line ending. If you have a .profile that sources your .bashrc don’t forget to run d2u on it as well.

Actually, this isn’t much of a fix as you’ll get very annoyed converting all your scripts.

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Adding Google Analytics To A Wordpress Site

January 27, 2007

The following are instructions on using reading the WordPress Plugin for Google Analytics

  • Download and unpack the google-anlytics.tgz file to get google-analytics.php.
  • Copy that to your wordpress/wp-content/plugins folder.
  • Login to your WordPress site and select Plugins. Active the Google Analytics plugin.
  • Navigate to Options and select Google Anaylitics and add the _uacct value you were given from Google.

For more details see plugin author’s Google Analytics WordPress Plugin page.

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More Jazz On Youtube

January 10, 2007

Anthony Braxton : Impressions - Lounge Lizards - Voice Of Chunk - Ornette Coleman : Pat Metheny 1988 - Steve Lacy -

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