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Git Submodules

September 12, 2017

So you've clone a repo and there is a directory in it. Also, you have a file called .gitmodules. Now what?

What you have is a reference to a git submodule. Look in the .gitmodule file and your directory will be described there.

The next step is to initialize the submodule

$ git submodule init
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Playing Flac Files On A Mac

September 11, 2017

After always converting FLAC files to mp3 with a tool such as MAX I've found a win with Vox.

So far it works well and I can leave files in their lossless format.

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Beggars Belief

September 10, 2017

Something that is as close to unbelievable as you can get. If something beggars belief it is unbelievable.

Also, to beggar is to impoverish or exhuast.

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September 9, 2017

New word: Gedanken

A thought experiment which considers some hypothesis in a conceptual experiment rather an actual experiment.

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Some Tips For Programmers

September 8, 2017

I found this list of tips for programmers from Brian Knapp that I think is worth reviewing.

See the following link.

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