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Yahoo Finance Quote Download Java

June 4, 2017


Today's post includes and overview of a Java implementation created to support the new Yahoo Finance page changes. Previous posts include implementations in Bash and Python. Please review them if curious or if you feel the following doesn't have enough of an explanation of the issue created when Yahoo changed their finance page back in May.

For the impatient you can find the program in the following git repo.


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Yahoo Finance Quote Download Python

June 3, 2017


Picking up the thread after yesterday's post on the new Yahoo Finance page changes I thought it would be useful to repeat the exercise from yesterday and build the new download script in Python.

For the impatient you can find the script in the following git repo.


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New Yahoo Finance Quote Download Url

June 2, 2017


On May 18th 2017 the Yahoo ichart data download link stopped working. This link has for many years been a convenient access point for downloading historical quote data. It was simple to get quotes by building up this url with your symbol as a parameter.

Since this link was under the Download Data button on the page after you've submitted a symbol the first place to look in finding a resolution was to visit this page to what Yahoo had replaced it with.


Using Google as an example we can excercise this url to look for the current Download Data button. Investigate the page and find the Historical Data tab. When clicked the Download Data button appears above the default range of quote values.

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Hosting a Git repo on a VPS

June 1, 2017

Hosting a Git repo on your own VPS server is a simple. Though paying for GitHub to host a private repo does not cost very much you may have reasons to keep your source repositories on your own server. You might enjoying do things yourself, have reasons to keep your source on your own server or would like to simply have a place to manage your personal projects. The following will walk you through the process of creating and hosting a git repository on your own server.


On your server create a directory where you will store your repository. I'd image you'll create more than one over time so name the directory something appropriate such as repos. If you are just starting off and it is only you I suggest for simplicity you create a directory called repos under your home directory.

For our example here I'm going to create a repo called project on a machine with the domain name of My username for this example will be user. Before continuing make sure you can ssh easily into your account on your server. In our example you would need to be able to execute the following command.

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Project Euler

October 9, 2015

I've reached Level 1 on Project Euler using Clojure as the programming language.

Level 1 is reached when you've completed 25 exercises.

You get this nice badge.

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