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Downloader Released As Open Source

November 9, 2009

Put out a press release on downloader

Beacon Hill, Inc. releases Downloader as Open Source

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Henry Baker Egal Paper

November 4, 2009

Rich Hickey mentions 'egal' in a few of his videos. One is particular is the Clojure for Lisp Programmers. The particular spot is around 1:07 minutes in at slide 32 on Equality.

Link to Paper

Link to Henry Baker's egal Paper

Link to Video

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Clojure Videos

November 3, 2009

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Quick Note Released As Open Source

November 2, 2009

Our Quick Note application is now available as open source. Some details:

QuickNote is an application designed so you can email yourself short messages. It has both a command line and a web interface. With the web interface you can setup quicknote on your publically available server and be able to send yourself email messages from any machine. This can be very useful if you work from client sites or at public machines. Make sure you password protect your installation of quicknote though.

QuickNote also has a command line interface which can be setup on all of your local machines. This can be very useful if you run mulitple machines and only one is running your mail client. With quicknote you can send yourself simple messages or others very quickly right from the command line.


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Yahoo Quote Downloader On Dzone

November 1, 2009

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