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Heroku Keep Alive

October 18, 2017

Running a free Heroku app which falls asleep? You can use a service to ping it periodically to keep it alive.

Here is one:


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Coin Market Cap Update

October 17, 2017

So, it looks like the CoinMarketCap has changed their site a bit and it breaks the script I wrote back in July. Many thanks to cool007zqw for pointing this out by adding an issue on the repo.

On investigation it looks like CoinMarketCap changed the url to the page which the script was developed for.

The new page is as follows:

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Heroku Pushing A Non-Master Local Branch

October 16, 2017

Heroku will only deploy code pushed to the master branch of your heroku remote. Knowing this as the only method to push code to your remote is limiting if you want to deploy from a feature branch.

Luckily, Heroku does support pushing a non-master branch with simple change of syntax.

$ git push heroku feature/my-cool-feature:master

Simply tack on the :master and you can push your feature branch or any other branch for that matter.

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Upgrading Ethereum Geth On Linux

October 15, 2017

If you've found this post and are rushing to upgrade a previously installed version of geth on Linux before the hard fork on October 16th here are a quick set of instructions.

The instructions assume you've built your geth from source. If that is the case the following should be helpful.

Stopping Geth

Make sure to stop your current geth instance. I used the following command:

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Deploy To Clojars gpg

October 10, 2017

I posted a version of ads-txt-crawler to Clojars the other day and ran into a bit of trouble as I was on a new machine.

The command "lein deploy clojars" returned the following error.

Could not sign /Users/brad/work/github/ads-txt-crawler/target/ads-txt-crawler-0.0.6.jar
Cannot run program "gpg": error=20, Not a directory

See `lein help gpg` for how to set up gpg.

Being on a Mac I used to install gpg

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