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Lispbox – Access Denied – Use Winzip To Extract

November 2, 2006

In setting up Lispbox on a Windows machine I found it wouldn’t run. From a command prompt, running lispbox.bat, returned “Access is denied”.

I discovered that the Security settings on the EXEs were set to not allow them to run.

I realized that I had unzipped the downloaded zip with the unzip included in Cygwin.

After unzipping the Lispbox download with a copy of WinZip the problem went away.

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Ornette Coleman – Video On Youtube.Com

November 2, 2006

The latest JazzTimes cover story on Ornette Coleman mentions a video on of Ornette on Saturday Night Live back in 1979.

Here is the link.

Ornette Coleman 1979 – SNL

For JazzTimes see Jazz Times – November 2006

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Errors Install Ruby On Rails On Linux

August 18, 2006

If you see errors like the following while installing Ruby and Rails

custom_require.rb:21:in `require__': No such file to load -- zlib (LoadError)

See the following links as I found them helpful.

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Building Emacs On Linux

August 2, 2006

This is worth repeating if someone needs this tip and finds it earlier than I did.

When building on some versions of Linux, Emacs will seg fault during the build. It is mentioned in the etc/PROBLEMS but was unclear. Eric Raymond posted a cleaned up PROBLEMS file that makes it more clear. (His post is here ).

In short I entered the following and Emacs built fine.

setarch i386 ./configure
setarch i386 make
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Scp Timeouts

July 31, 2006

If you have put scripts using scp that timeout due to a slow connection or if you are tunneling out through a proxy. Ty the following flags passed into scp.

-o ServerAliveCountMax=1500 -o ServerAliveInterval=20
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