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Hsqldb Not Writing Changes To Disk

July 16, 2006

If you are working with HSQLDB v1.8 and you don’t see changes written to disk or if after you app runs you can view your data it’s because HSQL since 1.7 is not closing the database after the last connection is closed.

To fix this append the following to your JDBC url.


See the following link for more details:

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Pretty Printing Classpaths Within Ant

July 16, 2006

I found a great Ant tip over at

With it you can debug your classpath references quite nicely.

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Cygwin Ssh Doesn’T Find Config

July 12, 2006

After installing Cygwin and setting up a new home directory with a .ssh directory and a config file. You may find that you need to run ssh with -F to help it find the ~/.ssh/config file.

If this is the case. Double check that $HOME is set correctly. Next look at your entry in /etc/passwd. If you find that it has a different home directory you’ve found the problem. Turns out ssh doesn’t look at $HOME but to the setting in /etc/passwd.

One easy way to fix this is with mount. Mount the incorrect home in /etc/passwd to the correct one. For example, my incorrect home is /etc/brad and the correct is c:\home\brad. This is fixed with the following.

mount -s -f c:\\home\\brad /home/brad
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Telling Firefox Where To Store Your Bookmarks

July 11, 2006

By default Firefox stores your bookmarks in your profile. This is buried in under your name in Windows under ‘Documents and Settings’.

In my working from elsewhere project I needed to store my bookmarks under my own ‘home’ directory so I could manage them with CVS. With this I can work elsewhere, checkin at the end of the day, return home and do and update and continue.

To accomplish this you need to create a small file call user.js and store in your Firefox profile. This file tells Firefox to use another location to store your bookmarks. Here is a sample user.js file:

// Specify which bookmarks file to use:

“browser.bookmarks.file”, “C:\\home\\brad\\firefox\\bookmarks.html”

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Checkstyle Plug-In For Eclipse

June 30, 2006

I just found a useful plug-in for Eclipse that analyzes your Java code. It’s available at

I used the Remote install feature of Eclipse to install it. Here are the instructions.

  • Within Eclipse go to Help->Software Updates->Find and Install
  • Choose Search for new features to install and press Next
  • Create a New Remote Site…
  • Input a name to your liking (for instance Checkstyle Plug-in) and input the following URL:
  • Click your way through the following pages to install the plug-in.

A quick tip that you need to know is that you have to enable your project for CheckStyle. Right click on your project and select Properties. In the dialog select CheckStyoe and then check ”Checkstyle active for this project”.

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