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Sam Rivers At Vision Festival Xi

June 15, 2006

I saw Sam Rivers play last night (Wed, 14th) at Vision Festival XI (

I saw him once before play with this trio at the ICA in Boston a number of years ago. This time the first set was his big-band which I’ve only heard on CDs. In person you really can feel the power of this band.

 Check out Sam’s site ( for his latest CD Aurora which they were selling at the show. It’s the latest from the big-band and is excellent.

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Interesting Diversion

June 14, 2006

I discoved PlaceOpedia ( It connects Wikipedia articles with their locations using Google maps (

Here’s my diversion.

  1. Set the map to be at it most Zoomed in. click the + (Zoom In) control box in the left side of the map.
  2. Click on button “Random place”.
  3. Try to guess where the place is as you Zoom out one level at a time (the – box).

 Some entries will give themselves away with their name but others will challenge your sense of geography.

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Anti Sit

June 6, 2006


Here is a site showing various ways to prevent people from sitting on objects in the city.

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Cvs Setup

June 4, 2006

Something I need to remember from time to time.

To allow others to use the repository, create a Unix group for CVS users and then chgrp the repositories root directory to that group. Then set the directory's SGID bit, so that files created in the directory have the same group ID as the directory's group ID. Make the group writeable, readable and executable.

chgrp cvsusers /var/lib/cvsroot

chmod -R g+srwx /var/lib/cvsroot
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Sending Large Files Through A Browser

June 4, 2006

Recently, I built a browser-based application,

to send large files over the Web.There are a number of these, the most popular being supports sending any file by sending a link to the file rather than the entire file. What happens in the background is that the file is stored temporarily in an Anywhere Account. Your recipient receives a link in a small email message. If they wish to retrieve the file they need only click on the link.

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