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Clojure And STDERR

September 29, 2017

How to print to STDERR in Clojure came up the other day.

It turns out there are two vars *out* and *err* that are bound to STDOUT and STDERR. There vars are instances of `' and you can simply write to them.

For example, here is a string being printed to STDOUT.

user> (.println *out* "hello")
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New Mac Python

September 28, 2017

Some new Mac notes concerning Python. Out of the box the Mac has Python and when I ran pip list I saw a bunch of stuff that I didn't recognize. When I tried to remove things they looked baked in because they were installed as root.

Turns out you can ignore all that. Just install a new Python using brew.

$ brew install python

This gives you a new Python called Python2. That's not that helpful because who wants to remember to always use Python2?

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Ads Txt Files

September 27, 2017

Recently, my major focus has been AdTech. With this I came across the Ads.txt project. This project is a simple initiative proposed as a way to help publishers ensure inventory is sold only through authorized dealers and partners.


Publishers create and add a file called ads.txt at the root of their sites. This text file contains a list of names and information about authorized ad networks, SSPs and exchanges that have permission to sell the publisher's inventory.


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Fixing Your Master Branch

September 26, 2017

You commited a change to master to it is now ahead of orign/master by 1 commit. You realize that you want this commit on a branch so you create a new branch branch.

Now your branch and master are the same but you want master to go back to being in sync with origin/master

$ git checkout -B master origin/master
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Push Your Feature Branch

September 25, 2017

You've created a feature branch, feature/my-latest-feature. To push it.

$ git push -u origin feature/my-latest-feature
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