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June 22, 2006

David S. Ware (Discography)

Since seeing Ware Monday night I’ve loaded up my iPod with all of his recordings that I have. I like to listen in the order they were recorded. Allmusic lists things by release date so I found another site ( that shows everything he’s done.

A list of David S. Ware recordings sorted by recording date and release date.

I shorted the list to recent recording and list them here for convenience. The Allmusic list follows as well.

Listing by Recording Date

88.04.04    Passage to Music
90.01.08    Great Bliss Vol. 1 & 2
91.12.10    Flight of I
92.10.14    Third Ear Recitation
94.05.04    Earthquation
94.12.02    Cryptology
95.09.27    Oblations and Blessings
95.09.29    DAO
96.05.02    Godspelized
96.12.02    Wisdom of Uncertainty
97.10.26    Live in the Netherlands         Splasc(H) Records
97.12.11    Go See the World
98.12.11    Live in the World                  Thirsty Ear
99.10.20    Surrendered
01.02.26    Corridors & Parallels              AUM Fidelity
02.07.13    Freedom Suite                      AUM Fidelity
03.06.13    Threads                               Thirsty Ear

From: The David S. Ware Sessionography at

Listing by Release Date

1988  Passage to Music                Silkheart
1990  Great Bliss, Vol. 1              Silkheart
1991  Flight of I                          Columbia
1992  Third Ear Recitation            DIW
1994  Great Bliss, Vol. 2              Silkheart
1994  Cryptology                        Homestead
1995  Earthquation                     DIW
1996  Dao                                  Homestead
1996  Oblations and Blessings      Silkheart
1997  Wisdom of Uncertainty        Aum Fidelity
1998  Godspelized                       DIW
1998  Go See the World               Columbia
2000  Surrendered                      Columbia
2001  Corridors & Parallels            AUM Fidelity
2001  Live in the Netherlands        Splasc(H)
2002  Freedom Suite                    AUM Fidelity
2003  Threads                             Thirsty Ear
2005  Live in the World                 Thirsty Ear

From: AllMusic at|S.|WARE&sql=11:l2jp7ipjg72r~T2

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