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July 11, 2006

Telling Firefox Where To Store Your Bookmarks

By default Firefox stores your bookmarks in your profile. This is buried in under your name in Windows under ‘Documents and Settings’.

In my working from elsewhere project I needed to store my bookmarks under my own ‘home’ directory so I could manage them with CVS. With this I can work elsewhere, checkin at the end of the day, return home and do and update and continue.

To accomplish this you need to create a small file call user.js and store in your Firefox profile. This file tells Firefox to use another location to store your bookmarks. Here is a sample user.js file:

// Specify which bookmarks file to use:

“browser.bookmarks.file”, “C:\\home\\brad\\firefox\\bookmarks.html”


To locate your profile directory see ->

To read about user.js see ->

Lastly, see the heading “Use your Netscape 6/7 or Mozilla bookmarks in Firefox” on this page

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