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October 31, 2009

Mounting Mybook On Ubuntu

After installing Ubuntu I had no problem connecting to MyBookWorld from the Places -> Network. At some point I wanted to mount MyBookWorld so I could reference it directly.

I found some directions but they didn't exactly work for me. The following did.


Use the package manager and ensure the following two are installed

smbfs nmap

Create a mount point

$ sudo mkdir /media/mybook

Figure out how to access MyBookWorld

If you can ping mybookworld skip to the next step. If not, you'll need to figure out the machine name or IP. To do so enter the following command.

$ sudo nmap -PR -sP

In my case mybookworld was named new-host.

Edit fstab

I added the following to /etc/fstab

//new-host/PUBLIC /media/mybook smbfs auto,user 0 0

Apply the changes

$ sudo mount -a


See if you can see your files inside /media/mybook.

Tags: linux