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November 23, 2009

Jskeleton Released As Open Source

Today, I put out a press release about JSkeleton going open source. Here is the release:

Beacon Hill, Inc. releases JSkeketon Application Builder

and the page to download the application and source:

JSkeleton - Java Application Builder

JSkeleton is a Java application builder.

You can by running JSkeleton build two types of Java applications, Command Line and Web. For each of these you can have a Database Access Layer created automatically as well.

JSkeleton, when run, builds your initial source tree, lays out the package structure and creates all the initial files to get an initial version of your application started. After, the initial run you can build and run your new application immediately. After this, you then continue you with your applications development having skipped a lot of the initial boilerplate code setup.


  • jskeleton.tar.gz
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