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June 8, 2017

Nearly Hit but Watch What You Think


So I took the early train today. Earlier than I usually do and as a result I was both croggy and rushing. While I was coming down the hill and about to cross through the parking lot at the train a car rushed by with what seemed like little care as to where I was.

Now I titled this post partially with the words nearly hit but to be honest that wasn't the case. What really was the case was that I think the car should have stopped or at least slowed because of where I was. Normally this seems to be the polite behavior of drivers around here and for a moment I was put back as the car rushed around the corner and I continued walking in a fashion to prove how close I was.

I think I muttered something under my breath and it might not have been all that nice. Then, because I was rushing I pushed on and as I reached the stairs I noticed the car pulling into a spot down the way along the track. Ah, I thought they are trying to catch the train. Well, that explains their behavior somewhat.

Now, back to me. Another part of the story is time and one's sense of it. When you commute you get these very fixed goals in your head revolving around the train schedule. You also learn how long it takes for you to walk to the train and as it happens you whittle that walking commute down to the shortest possible amount. So I left by looking at the clock and starting the game of getting to the train in my allotted amount of time. Today was no different than any other and I was cutting it close. Not running close but just the exact amount.

This was so true that when I got to the platform and found my spot to stand it wasn't but a minute before the train started to pull in. As this was happening I noticed a women running along the other side to reach the stairs. Ah, it's the woman from the car in the parking lot. She is cutting it very close.

Now, here is where you take something with you about getting upset at others in their interactions with you.

I get on the train and sit and you'll never quess who gets on the train as the doors are closing and sits down next to me. Yes, the woman from the car.

So, I say to her. "That was close, it seems like the train is early". She acknowledge this then looked at your phone and said "Actually, it was exactly on time".

I looked at my phone and noticed the time. She was right. I bet the clock at home has become slow. I thought I had more time and she knew that she didn't.

Sometimes when you bump into people so to speak it isn't personal. They have their own things going on and really don't know you exist. You do as well and if you can let things go, not take things personal sometimes the reasons for things became apparent after the fact.

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