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June 19, 2017

Escape Games NYC

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of trying to escape a room over at Escape Games NYC on Leonard Street in New York. For a first timer at this sort of thing I can say it was well worth it and very fun.

Without giving away too much I can tell you that the idea, 'escape the room', is pretty much what you are in for. You and a small group are put in a room and have to figure out how to get out. Beyond that I can say each room has a theme and you need to just figure it out. There are 'things' in the room and you need to investigate and go from there.

The scenario for the room I signed up for had an outer space theme. There are others and each is rated on a difficulty scale. In learning about the room upon arrival I found that each room is custom built and upon finishing can say the people who built it are very clever.

Turns out that room escape games are a thing and there multiple places in New York and others throughout the country. Definitely, something to do. Which one is next?

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