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June 24, 2017

Showip Example In Clojure

I found a small example I wrote last year. It shows the ip address of the machine from which the program is running. It does so by calling This url returns the callers IP address in JSON.

The example shows get-ing a url and parsing the JSON.

To access the url I'm using clj-http. This returns a map from which you want the value of :body.

The JSON return value will look like this:

    "origin": ","

To parse this I'm using and it's read-str function which converts the result into a map. Once in a mapp you grab the "origin" value.

Lastly, you want the IP so I split the string on the comma and return the second value.


The main function contains the following:

  (let [url ""
        result (json/read-str (:body (client/get url {:headers {:X-Forwarded-For ""}})))]
    (clojure.string/trim (second (clojure.string/split (get result "origin") #",")))

Tags: clojure