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September 20, 2017

Ray Dalio's Principles

So I noticed a Ray Dalio interview over on Bloomberg. The baiting title caught me and I gave the interview a listen. Dalio who previously published his Principles from a web site a few years ago has packaged them up in a book. That's interesting as I read the pdf previously and think it might be interesting to revisit them in their new form. With this he talked about giving away his secrets. I think that he is genuie in wanting to share what has worked for him and in addition to the book of priciples he is open to sharing how he applied them at his firm.

I don't think he's going to give away trading alorithms but more likely processes he and his firm has developed to vet and act on ideas at his firm. His ideas about radical transparency and building a culture where people are not only held accountable and encoured to hold others accountable must have generated processes which could be worth reimplementing at other firms.

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