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September 27, 2017

Ads Txt Files

Recently, my major focus has been AdTech. With this I came across the Ads.txt project. This project is a simple initiative proposed as a way to help publishers ensure inventory is sold only through authorized dealers and partners.


Publishers create and add a file called ads.txt at the root of their sites. This text file contains a list of names and information about authorized ad networks, SSPs and exchanges that have permission to sell the publisher's inventory.


Buyers can when purchasing inventory through and exchange can go to the publisher's domain and check that the exchange is authorized to sell inventory from the publisher by reading the publisher's ads.txt file.

Reference Crawler

The folks over at the IAB Tech Lab have released a reference implementation in Python of a simple crawler for Ads.txt files. You pass it a list of domains and it reads the ads.txt from each site and adds the contents of each to a local SQLite database.

Here is the repo.

As of this writing the master branch doesn't work. If you look at my fork of the project you'll see that the fix is to simply comment out the ADSYSTEM_DOMAIN column from the databse creation script. See the following for details.

For more reference here are a collection of links to review

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